Level 10 - 17

University Pathway Program

ILAC’s University Pathway Program leads to bachelor’s and master’s degree programs as well as undergraduate and postgraduate diplomas and certificates. University Pathway Program graduates are expected to achieve a TOEFL iBT score of 90 or higher.

The Pathway program prepares students to study at a Canadian university or college and teaches students sophisticated fluency and written English skills. In this program, students learn how to write essays of 1000+ words as well as strategies for teamwork in an academic environment, critical thinking, time management, oral presentations, exam techniques, academic research and TOEFL preparation and practice.

What You Will Learn

  • Written & Oral English Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Research Skills
  • Essay Writing
  • TOEFL Preparation
  • Time Management
  • Exam Writing Techniques
  • Oral Presentation


If Your Level Is
The Estimated Length of Your Program Will Be
High-Advanced (Level 14 – 15)
8 – 12 weeks
Advanced (Level 12 – 13)
12 – 20 weeks
Pre-Advanced (Level 10 – 11)
20 – 28 weeks
High-Intermediate (Level 8 – 9)
28 – 32 weeks
Intermediate (Level 6 – 7)
32 – 40 weeks
Pre-Intermediate (Level 4 – 5)
40 – 48 weeks
Beginner (Level 2 – 3)
48 – 56 weeks

English Testing

Students write a practice TOEFL test every fourth week to measure their progress. This allows teachers and students to see their success and track their improvement.

Weekly Fees

Weekly Fee
Weekly Fee
Weekly Fee
Weekly Fee
Full-time, Part-time and Pathway Registration Fee: $100. Saturday Registration Fee: $80. All fees are in Canadian Dollars. Prices are subject to change. Textbooks are not included in tuition fees.
University Pathway
Course Length
Weekly Fee
1 – 3 weeks
4 – 8 weeks
10 weeks
11 – 23 weeks
24+ weeks
  • 10-week Promotion: Register for 8 weeks and get 2 extra weeks FREE.
Part-Time and Saturday Program Registration fee: $80. Full-Time and Pathway Program Registration fee: $160. All fees are in Canadian Dollars. Prices are subject to change. Textbooks are not included in tuition fees.

Schedule (Toronto Time)

Main Pathway Class

Monday – Thursday (16 hours/week)
5:00pm – 9:00pm
6:00pm – 10:00pm

Optional Saturday TOEFL Class

11:00am – 3:00pm

Please click here to check your time zone.

Start Dates

Please view all program start dates for details.

Level Placement

Students take a placement test on their first day to determine their English level.

Students tested at level 9 or below are placed in General English.

Students who test at level 10 or above will choose an advanced level course.

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Free University Placement Services

The right education path makes all the difference in the student’s life and career. Our team of Pathway Specialists will work with you to find the perfect program to reveal your full potential. Our services include:

Helping you choose the best program for your goals and interests from our 82 partner colleges and universities in Canada.

Organizing tours to ILAC's partner colleges and universities.

Guiding you through the admissions application process.

Obtaining your conditional letter of acceptance (LOA).